A brand refresh has been something that has been on the to do list for the longest time.

When Carlita Hearts opened in November 2019, I was so excited to get it out so I built the online store on Shopify and knew I wanted to share the artful goodies and creative journey over on Instagram. So, I created a logo to give Carlita Hearts a brand identity for these platforms and to help with packaging of orders.

Fast forward 4 years, I was itching to refresh this brand vibe. I have such a sweet spot for this Carlita Hearts logo in the very beginning stages, and am ready to share a new look (but same heart!) behind this creative brand.
I enjoy painting organic shapes as well as botanicals so when I thought about why I started Carlita Hearts, I wanted to encapsulate that each day is an opportunity to get creative and bring joy, not only to myself but to others. To celebrate God and His glory for this creative gift. It was then that I painted a semi-circle to represent the sun - a powerful force of light to represent a new day and new possibilities when one chooses to be creative. Or, it can be reflective when a sun is setting and ponder how I used the day to be creative and find joy.
Because I enjoy using yellow ochre in my watercolour set, it seemed to all fall into place since it matched the symbol of the sun in such a simple way. I wanted to keep the entire logo fairly minimal so I used a serif font in italics for that extra little bit of sophistication.
Carlita Hearts was borne out of thoughtfully painting pieces to bring glory to God and joy to others - whether that be a wall art piece to brighten your home that needed something creative and playful, or gifting a thoughtfully chosen gift with hand written note in a greeting card.
My prayer for you is that these artful goods bring a sparkle of joy and creativity to your life, and that they are thoughtfully made, for His glory.