5 Easy Ways To Be More Mindful While Creating

Listening to Deliciously Ella's podcast episode titled "Mindfulness, Baking and Slowing Down" was something I deeply resonated with. Taking time to be present, to be in the moment while doing something very transformative with your hands, is something so nourishing for my humble soul. Living in a world of multi-tasking, being productive and not taking time to slow down and enjoy the task at hand, leaves us feeling rushed, split into so many directions and quite simply, exhausted. When last did you take the time to do something? Admittedly, I struggle with this too, but here are some gentle reminders and tips on how to be mindful while you create. By creating, it could be anything - baking, painting, putting together your outfit for the day, journalling, etc.
1. Set The Tone Before You Start
Before you start creating, take some time to pause and have a quiet moment. Shake off from what you did just before, the day you had and how you may be feeling from whatever may be going on in your life. Maybe it's lighting a candle, making a cup of your favourite tea or setting an intention for what you will create. I sometimes like to pray to help focus my mind (and heart) on serving God through my art. It's not something I do all the time, but I'm putting this down as a massive reminder to myself. You may decide to think about how you would like to feel while you create or visualise that you'll be doing some good work. Keep it brief, and keep it simple to help trigger your mind of what you'll be doing for the next few moments.
2. Do One Thing At A Time
It is so easy to listen to some music, watch an episode of your favourite series or press play on a podcast while doing something. But try to create by taking the time to do one thing. So, maybe create in silence every now and then to help you immerse yourself in what you're doing. To keep the distractions at bay and let your mind be utterly consumed by the transforming process.
3. Use All Five Of Your Senses
If you feel yourself getting distracted by your thoughts, then gently remind yourself of your five senses and take note of them. What colours do you see? How does the brush sound when you wash it in the water? Does the smell of the pen ink remind you of something? What is the texture of the page? What does that new ingredient taste like (hopefully, when you're cooking, not when you're working with clay!)? Work through those fives sense to bring you back to what is happening before your very eyes.
4. Check In While You're Creating
Check in with yourself from time to time - are you enjoying the process? How do you feel about the progress you are making? Do you need to take a step back, or stop creating? Or, do you think you need to continue because you're not yet finished? Try not to be too goal orientated here, just acknowledge where you're at in the creation process and see where you need to move to next.
5. Give Yourself Grace
I, for one, will be the first to admit, I don't do these things every single time I create. And when I haven't been as mindful, or as present as I should, then I think to myself that I am only human. I'm not a robot. And that space you allow yourself to not do something perfectly, will give you the opportunity to look forward to the next time you can create with this mindfulness approach.
Being mindful is so beneficial for us. It gives our brains time to enjoy a focused task at hand (all puns intended!) and peacefully rejuvenate. All while stretching a creative muscle? A total win-win in my books! 
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