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Gifting someone thoughtfully does not have to be a stressful process. And I get it, thinking, planning and buying (or making) a gift for someone can be overwhelming at the best of times. But with a little preparation and a helpful list of ideas and prompting questions, I hope this useful post encourages you to think and plan how you will select that special gift for that loved one in your life!


1. Who

The first tip in being prepared is to jot down a variety of lists to keep on hand, whether that be digitally, or old school pen and paper. Think of these as reference lists - lists of different themes or topics that you can refer to on a regular basis so that you don't have to think from scratch every time. Some ideas of lists you can put together can be:

- Names of people to gift (family, friends, colleagues, teachers)

- Birth dates and other important dates (such as, anniversaries)

- Simple gift ideas (the helpful, generic list for when you're really stuck)

- A budget (per gift you buy, or an annual budget that you can track)

- Go-to shops / businesses / brands that you enjoy, or would like to, support


2. Why

The ultimate aim to gift someone something thoughtful, is to make them feel special, loved and valued yet balance it with something they will genuinely enjoy and have a need for. Here are a few questions to prompt you of thinking carefully of the person you are gifting and brainstorming some gift ideas:

- Consider their likes (vanilla scents, tea) / interests or hobbies (reading, playing golf) / stage of life (student starting university, a parent retiring)

- Want, need, wear, read (a useful range of ideas for gifting children)

- Simply, ask! 


3. What

When you have brainstormed a couple of gift ideas, you can then think through some specific gifts to make it that much more personal. Gifts don't have to be physical objects, but can take on a variety of other forms too.

- Physical objects (books, clothes, toys, pamper goodies, stationery, edible treats, sporty items, home decor)

- Experiences + memory makers (annual passes, photography shoots, event tickets, online courses)

- Gift vouchers (subscription vouchers for apps or services, vouchers from small brands)

- Donations (consider donating to a chosen charity or worthy non-profit organisation)


4. Where

Armed with your specific gift ideas, you can now start identifying where you can purchase these items, or make them yourself! Why not mix up your presents with these following ideas of where you can get your gifts:

- Handmade gifts (scour Pinterest for ideas, make a large batch of edible treats to divide and gift, gift your time)

- Small businesses (check local gift guides, markets and social media)

- Big retailers (try going for these when you're really stuck)


5. When

Setting a timeframe when to have your gifts ready by will save you the stress and hassle of running around on the last minute. There may be times when you are caught off guard to gift someone because let's face it, life happens, but if you keep these ideas and question prompts at the back of your mind, it should make the process a little simpler.

- Set a deadline when to finish purchasing and making your gifts

- Understand the lead times of small business (you may need to place your order earlier than usual)

- Shop throughout the year (you may spot something perfect for someone but it's months before their birthday and place it in a "gift box" at home)


There you have it! A toolbox of ideas, prompting questions and a helpful thought process to get your juices flowing. Hope these tips help you think carefully about what to gift someone and maybe urged you to think out of the box. You do not need to spend an arm and a leg to gift thoughtfully - just pay attention to those details that make the person special and unique, and have fun getting a little creative!