If you're keen to exercise your artistic abilities for Father's Day, then perhaps you'd like to try making him a greeting card? Greeting cards are a fun way to get creative and then gift your handiwork to a loved one. Here below are 3 tutorials shared for you to try. Don't forget to include a thoughtfully written note inside to make it extra special!



See what I did there? Ha! Doubling up your line work in your illustrations can add a fun element of visual interest. Break the sunglasses down into recognisable shapes and then add the detail. Fair warning, I will not be held responsible for letting this song get stuck in your head. Give this a go and gift the coolest father / father figure in your life.



This is a fun way to practice your brushstrokes, learning transparency and layering your watercolour design. The taped border is a simple way to elevate your painted piece by giving it an effortless clean frame. Get started with an ombre backdrop, and then paint your branches of leaves a layer at a time makes this a rather meditative way to practice your watercolour skills and enjoy the cool characteristic of the medium. Personalise it by adding a handlettered Father's Day-themed greeting at the bottom.



A playful trophy illustration mixed with some fun hand lettering to treasure your dad. Perhaps you don't say it enough to them, so why not give this design a go and jot the ways they are the best to share your appreciation with them? 


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