Series: Currently

Finding inspiration can be such a love-hate relationship. We come across so many points of inputs in our lives through our every day routines, things we scroll through on the interwebs, conversations we have, problems we try to solve and it can get overwhelming. But the beauty behind all of this, is that inspiration can be found in these small moments!

I would, at times, get stuck in the proverbial rut. Things weren't coming naturally to me when I sat down to paint, to hand letter or to doodle. Creating with my hands provides a joyful space for me to worship God and use my brain in a different way to solve a simple problem in a tangible expression. And when I face that struggle, I feel frustrated. My guess is, you do too.

What I've realised is, that through all these sensory inputs, there are golden nuggets of inspiration that requires just a small bit of intentional acknowledgement when we give it the time and space to. 

So, the aim of this Currently series is simple and fun - a list of 5 things I am enjoying at the moment using the 5 senses as the theme. It will cover things that inspire me lately, what I've been enjoying and / or links to rad stuff I've come across that you may enjoy too. My hope is that this will become a wonderful resource for you and me to refer to when that pesky creative block strikes!

Sight // Visual feasts for the eyes in the form of an image, or words such as an article

Hear // An audio delight through a song, a podcast episode

Touch // Creating with my hands allows room to enjoy textures and other tactile goodies

Smell // Scents can really have an impact on our memory and in the environment we find ourselves in so this would be fun to share fragrances or subtle aromas

Taste // Unfortunately, I cannot eat my art supplies so will mostly share a dish, drink or treat I've been enjoying lately as food and cooking does inspire me

Hope this gives you an idea to experience and find inspiration in your world through your senses!

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