Our homes can be spaces where we welcome others, gather and nurture friendships and offers us calm place to rest and rejuvenate. Art is a way to inject colour, a feeling and some personality to a corner of your home that can be unexpected yet thoughtful. Making a house a home can take time, so be inspired by these few areas next time you feel the need to update your humble abode. 

1. Entry Way / Entrance Hall
This is usually the first connection point guests have when they visit your home, and a great way to welcome guests with some art that sets the tone for your home. Styling it on a focal wall or on an entrance table, choosing a piece of art that speaks to your style or vibe you like, can add some fun personality.

2. Kitchen
The kitchen may not be the first area to add art to, but think of the various corners of your kitchen that you could add some art to inject some calm, playfulness and encourage gatherings. Countertops and open shelves are first prize spaces in your kitchen to bring some colour and dimension to an area where casual gatherings congregate.

3. Reading Nook
If you enjoy reading books and store them proudly on bookshelves, then including a piece of art can add interest to the overall bookshelf display. Alternate books, trinkets and sentimental items with art can breathe new life into your bookshelf, and make your reading nook even more inviting.
4. Family Room
This room usually calls for photos of loved ones so why not balance your gallery wall with some art that complements your photographs? Consider visual aspects like colour tones such as botanical or abstract pieces, or places that hold special meaning to you.
5. Bedroom
Bedrooms serve as a calm sanctuary and provide a space of unwinding, rest and rejuvenating. Why not add a piece of art to a wall in your bedroom, or even your bedside table that evokes these relaxing feelings to view when you get in and out of bed?
Art doesn't need a big, grand space in your home to be displayed. Sometimes, it's the small, unexpected places in your home that can add a touch of thoughtfulness, play and colour to a beloved corner. May these ideas help you scan your own home to find where next you can add a piece of art.
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