Simple Ways To Support Small Businesses // Part 1

There are many ways to support a small business, those with your wallet and those with your time. By choosing to do these seemingly insignificant yet massively appreciated acts of support, are ways to encourage small business owners and entrepreneurs to continue doing what they love to do and be successful. Behind these small businesses, are people who have a heart for the product or service they provide and are driven by solving a pain point for their customer to make their lives better. 

Here are four ways you can support small businesses without opening your wallet:

1. Like / Comment / Follow / Share

Social media is a powerful online tool in a small business' marketing strategy. By engaging in their content gives the small business insight into what they are doing right, and sharing their content gives the small business the ability to reach a wider audience. Don't underestimate the power of engaging with a small business online through liking their posts, giving feedback in the comments section and following their accounts. Sharing their content can help them reach their ideal customer which can convert into valuable sales.

2. Word Of Mouth

You're at a lunch with a friend, and she is looking for suggestions of where to buy a candle for a gift for her mother. You know of a small business that hand pours small batches of candles and have seen the positive reviews and comments on their social media pages. Your friend values your opinion and as a result, decides to purchase from them. Word of mouth is a powerful way to promote a small business because those closest to you will trust you, and will likely give them a try.

3. Subscribe To Their Email Newsletter

When done right, small business owners know the power of email marketing. Those who subscribe are then treated to unique deals, coupon codes and / or early releases in exchange for your email address. Supporting small businesses in this way may help you save some money and perhaps even be the first to gain access to their new products or services.

4. Be Understanding And Patient

Small businesses are usually one (wo)man shows, or are run by very small teams. So, responses on social media or even delivery times may differ. Goods may be "made to order" so understand their lead and delivery time to avoid unmet expectations. Read their terms thoroughly on their website, or pop them an email to clarify any questions you may have. Being patient and understanding while having clear lines of communication will help the small business to manage expectations.

There you have it. Four ways to support small businesses without opening your wallet! By choosing to do one of these things will have a wonderful impact on a small business and their success. 


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