photo by: Fox and The Hare

I’m Carla - adorer of stationery, follower of Jesus and humble creator behind the hand painted and lettered goodies found here at Carlita Hearts. 

“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” - Genesis 1 v1

I create because He created first, and it has become such a joy to get creative with paints and pens. I stumbled upon watercolour painting when I was preparing some visuals for my Pre-Primary Sunday School class years ago, and it’s been such a therapeutic way to spend my time. Over time, I have been the ever-willing “you can make the [insert special occassion] card for so-and-so” friend and through messing around with watercolours and lettering, it has grown into a delightful way to bring a smile to others. 

For a few years, we lived in a rented home and while we knew it wasn’t where we were going to stay “forever”, I just couldn’t bring myself to invest in any wall art. Because I felt like we were going to move (even if it was in a few, short years’ time), I just didn't see any point. But man, the walls were bare, and to be honest, I should’ve just decorated the walls! Photos, art, quotes - those all add that personal, lived-in feel and transition a cold space into one that is inviting and brings some personality.

So, moving into our family home, I am on a mission to dress them walls up! My artistic style (if I can even call it one) is rather simple - minimal and pretty. The collections I create are inspired by things / people / memories that I enjoy and experience. Living in Cape Town, South Africa, with my husband, two kids and a loveable bull mastiff, there is no shortage of inspiration. I hope you’ll stay a while to be inspired and find joy in what I create and share.

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