Lives are busier than ever, so instead of adding another to your to do list, or trying to squeeze time to have the gospel guide our days, my motto is to keep it simple. Use what you already do to thread eternal truths to share, discover and remind ourselves in our home. Here are 10 simple ways to weave the gospel into your home. 

1. Meal Times

Setting at least one meal time aside to connect consistently each day. This helps not only find out how their day was but also, know what to pray for and share what you're grateful for, what challenged you or what you're dreading.

2. Faith-Based Artwork

I know, I know. Sometimes this type of artwork can be kitsch as opposed to the Pinterest-worthy aesthetic we sometimes strive for. Perhaps pick more subtle biblical referenced artwork (a botanical piece of an olive branch) or an abstract piece that reminds you of who God is to observe in your home as a helpful reminder.

3. Pray

Similar to setting a meal-time to be together, link pray time with a daily rhythm you have in your home. Moments before you eat together, after bath time, or in the car on the way to school (drivers, don't close your eyes!). 

4. Have a library of engaging (illustrated) gospel storybooks 

Consider having a handful of quality children's Bibles on your bookshelf. There are some beautifully illustrated ones out there that bring the gospel to life. Think of keeping seasonal books for special gospel occasions, such as Christmas stories for Jesus' birth, Easter stories for Jesus' death and resurrection.

5. Reading the Bible

For young children, this may be a bit challenging but reading short passages out of an ESV, or memorising a Bible verse is a great introduction for little hearts.

6. Play worship music

While cooking, cleaning, driving or playing at home, pop on a playlist that reflects gospel truths as a backdrop for every day habits. Music can be a sweet way to be reminded of God and His love for us.

7. Recap the sermon / Sunday School lesson from the past week

Be curious and find out what they learnt at Sunday School. Or, share something you learnt from the sermon. Top tip is to do this midweek so that it is a threaded conversation throughout the week, and not "only for Sunday" activity.

8. Unplug from screens and get creative

Connect with each other by hauling out colouring pencils, paints and kokis. Colour in or paint Christ-centred colouring in pages or hand letter verses for them to copy. Have some fun and play a Bible-based game or do a puzzle together.

9. Ask thoughtful questions in conversations

Now, not every conversation needs to be deep but learn how to ask open-ended questions. This way you're not getting grunts or "yes", or "no" responses. Ask questions such as "what did you enjoy about the story read?", "how can we pray about that thing you're struggling with?" or, "why are you grateful for Christmas?".

10. Have a picnic outside and marvel at God's creation

Get outside and be amazed by the beauty around you - the sunshine, the colour of the leaves, the smell of the fresh air, the sound of the birds singing. Pay close attention and observe what is around and mention what things you enjoy about God's creation.

This is not an exhaustive list in the slightest, but a few simple ideas to spark some inspiration to weave the gospel into your home. It doesn't have to be a big event, just get creative in the small things. Thread the gospel into your everyday rhythms and you will be surprised how you'll see God's handiwork in your home and life.

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