Why Your Home Matters


"Home sweet home!"

This is what we usually declare as we pull up our driveway after being away from our home for a few nights. There may be a hint of disappointment as the time of an exciting holiday has come to an end, but there is also a familiar feeling of comfort and normality that being at home brings (hello, bed!).

I was thinking about why we announce this when we arrive home, and it helped me notice the many ways homes are such beloved spaces. Not only do they provide us with the basic need of shelter, but they offer us so much more than that.


A safe space from the outside world to grow.
A place to unwind, relax and recharge.
A joyful area to celebrate, laugh and cheer others on.
A welcoming space to greet others and nurture new friendships.
A destination for an invitation to share a meal together.
A place of refuge to offer comfort, empathy and a listening ear in times of sorrow.
A space of excitement for a new life chapter.
A humble corner of the world for the moments of the daily mundane and the marvelous.



Homes matter because of the stories that unfold in them and the slow growth that takes place when it is offered in the heart of hospitality, kindness, love and safety. It nurtures strong bonds between family, friends and strangers and what a special thought it is for some fond memories that are created and remembered within four brick walls. 

When we consider the nourishing impact our homes can have on the loved ones we may have the privilege to share with, or those we invite to our space, we start to realise how we can thoughtfully tailor our homes to be just that - joyful, peaceful, warm, comforting, serene and inviting.

May our homes be generous places that nourish and nurture those we share them with.


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