Currently | No. 2


Using your five senses as a way to discover different things that inspire you is a fun way to collect a resourceful list. It has helped me not only rely on what I see, which is usually the easiest way to gather bits of inspiration, but to pay attention to the other senses as they can be often overlooked. Next time if you're struggling with finding what fires up your creative spark, have a read on ways to nurture your inspiration. Creating and keeping a masterlist is a helpful way to refer to when you're stuck, and this "currently" series is a way for me to do just that! Find a way that works best for you - get a dedicated notebook and pen to jot these down, or have a digital list going, if that's easier for you. Hope this list inspires you, and gives you the creative boost you need. 


SMELL | The smell of clean bedding is so heavenly. It is such a simple treat but taking note of the crisp bedding when climbing into bed has been something I have appreciated lately.

TOUCH | My daughter's school is busy with a knitting challenge where they need knitted squares to make blankets for a local orphanage this winter. I decided to dust my knitting needles and revisit this meditative hobby in the evenings. Knitting the soft wool in a very repetitive fashion has been so relaxing.

TASTE | I was stuck in a slight rut meal plan-wise, and I decided to try my hand at making bobotie. Lately I have been craving a lot of homey, comfort food style dishes and my mom shared this recipe from Fatima Sydow. Trying something new that was both delicious and simple to follow, really gave me the creative kick I needed!

SOUND | Thoroughly enjoyed listening to this episode on the Deliciously Ella podcast entitled, "How To Break Up With Your Phone And Have More Fun". Very much on my journey of being less attached to my smartphone, this was an insightful listen to finding fun outside of your phone. The three elements they shared on how to have true fun was playfulness + connections + flow

SIGHT | This article shared on Alabaster's website was a great reminder to glorify God through one's creativity and how we can approach creativity as a devotional practice to spend time with Him. "We place enormous amounts of pressure on ourselves to be world-changing or to make art “productive”, but we can only really do what God has created us to do: spend time in his presence. Rather than burdening ourselves with yet another expectation, let us instead view creativity as a devotional practice for reconnecting with our first love. May it be so."


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