2 watercolour perpetual calendars

In this digital age where your phone can become your trusted organiser, calendar and inbox, you may think that there is no place for paper and pen. But it is not the case! Being able to sit down, with a cup of tea and a pen to jot down events and reminders is a great tactile way to gain more focus and helps clarify our intentions.

So, why a perpetual calendar? Truth be told, I painted one for a dear friend of mine in 2017 to jot down loved ones' birthdays and anniversaries. She could set time aside to add all the important dates, and hangs it up in a visible spot to use as a handy reminder to celebrate a special occasion on time. And the best part? She can use it year after year!

I created the Occasions + Celebrations Perpetual Calendar for that exact reason - a beautifully designed calendar that could be gifted and used year after year to celebrate a special person in your life, on time!
Here are some other inspiring benefits of having a perpetual calendar:
+ since it is undated from a specific year, you are able to use it year after year
+ something beautiful to display and brighten up your space that’s functional too
+ a visual reminder to celebrate a loved one, on time
+ a thoughtful gift for your mom, a teacher or friend
+ includes useful, monthly prompts to add ease to your gifting process
When you’ve jotted down important occasions to celebrate, imagine how prepared you’ll be to wish and celebrate that special loved one in your life? Why not shop the Occasions + Celebrations Perpetual Calendar to not miss a birthday or anniversary.
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