Simple Ways To Support Small Businesses // Part 2

Supporting small businesses does not have to be complicated. With a little careful research to locate those in your area to support either with your time or with your wallet, it is a wonderful way to enjoy a unique product offering or personalised service. Being armed with ways on how you can support them, is an immense help for small business owners and entrepreneurs to continue their passionate work by providing a product or service they take pride in and reach sustainable success.

Here are four ways you can support small businesses with your wallet, or as a consequence of purchasing from them:

1. Buy From A Small Business

This seems so obvious, but before buying from a small business, you need to re-consider where you shop. Find alternatives to the common big retailers by either putting a list of small businesses together yourself (or add it to your birthday wish list for family and friends) or browsing through guides that shares small businesses and their offerings. This way, you can discover new places to shop and give them a try when the time comes.

2. Thoughtful Gifts

Give a thoughtful gift by purchasing from a small business. Customisable offerings and personal packaging are typical marks of a small business. What better way to gift something to a loved one with a specially wrapped gift and handwritten note? If you cannot decide what to purchase from small businesses, consider buying a gift voucher from them instead.

3. Write A Positive Review

Write a positive (and honest) review of your purchase and experience. Be kind with your review to encourage others to support the small business. This is valuable as they will be included on testimonial pages to substantiate their quality products and services. If you had a "less than positive" experience, first deal with the small business directly, find a resolution and share the full picture. For example, the wrong colour basket was delivered, you had emailed them to inform them of the issue, returned the basket and they then delivered the correct colour basket and waivered the courier fee.

4. Mention Your Purchases

Similar to word of mouth, once you have made a purchase, share your purchase both online and offline. This will influence your close circles, and with their trust in you, you may encourage them to purchase from the small business too.

And that's it. Four ways to support a small business using your wallet. Why not find some small businesses in your area to give your support?

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