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These seasonal Currently posts is a series for collecting bits of inspiration based on the five senses. It is meant to help document things, places, articles and / or videos (whatever, really) I have found that has sparked my creativity in some way. Keeping a masterlist of these inspiring nuggets allows me have a fun yet handy reference when I am feeling a little "meh" on the inspiration front. I encourage you to give this a go, and find five things (one for each of your senses) that currently inspire you! If you'd like to read more about how this series started, then read the introductory post here.


SMELL | I had this candle (that I nearly refused to burn because I just loved to smell the candle as is) and eventually burned it. Now that it is finished, I decided to buy the reed diffuser of the same fragrance. It is a Bergamot and Coconut reed diffuser and I placed it in our entrance foyer. I just love the smell it brings to the space and welcome guests with it too. It gives off summery vibes and makes me think of warm weather and enjoying time outdoors.

TOUCH | When I buy art supplies, particularly paper, for playing around and testing ideas out, I prefer to buy something more affordable so that I don't feel like I am wasting the paper. It's a way for me to feel comfortable to attack the page, and personally helps with my creative process. I purchased a Typo A4 acrylic pad of 20 sheets. It is 300gsm and I must say, I quite like it for the texture it has (so more of a cold pressed paper) and it's a great buy for me to play and get creative. 

SIGHT | I am on a journey to put my phone in its proper place and learn how to unplug for a bit by not relying on it whenever I have a 'spare' moment (standing in a queue, while watching tv, in the car while my husband's driving). It truly is a struggle because I just enjoy scrolling, see what's new from accounts I follow but it does get to that point when its purely mindless and not good. I came across this article about completing a challenge of 1 000 unplugged hours in 365 days! Tip number 3 that was shared was some good encouragement for me.

"Make a list of all the things you want to do. Not the things you “have” to do, but the things you desire."

TASTE | I shared a bit about our Kruger camping trip in this Instagram post. It was truly magical being surrounded by the bush, the quiet (besides a few birds) and being in awe of God's creation. One thing my husband and I enjoyed was adding an indulging splash of Amarula (a creamy South African liqueur) to our coffee. And man, it was so delicious! Not something I would recommend to have with your morning coffee before work, but it is something that will transport me back our rad family holiday that was a feast for our eyes.

SOUND | I enjoy listening to music on Spotify - I hop between a few genres like acoustic, alternative rock, lo-fi, liquid drum and bass and Christian worship music, to name a few. It's so great to discover 'new to me' artists and songs, and lately I came across this reflective song by Jonathan Ogden called Psalm 91. Hope you enjoy it too!

"And here in Your presence
I find my refuge, o Lord
And here in the secret
I hear You whisper to me

'Cause I have made
My dwelling place in You God
And I'm not afraid
'Cause I am held by You God"


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