Currently | No. 04

The series 'Currently' is about sharing little bits of inspiration I've found based on the five senses. It helps curate things, places, articles and / or videos (whatever, really) I have found that has sparked my creativity in some way. Sharing these inspiring nuggets is about building an inspiration masterlist and allows me have a fun yet handy reference. It's a way for me to revisit when I'm needing a little 'pick me up' inspiration-wise. Why not give this a go, and find five things (one for each of your senses) that currently inspire you? Want to know more about how this series started, then read the introductory post here.

SMELL | Mr Price Home brought out the Happy line of home fragrances and I bought the fragrance oil a few months ago. So disappointed that they have discontinued this because it's such an uplifting scent, so I'm making the most of it by not using too often!

TOUCH | I have a new watercolour pad that I bought while in London. Not a fancy nor expensive branded paper, so it'll be good for practice. I bought it from Flying Tiger, a Danish brand, and the texture is more of the cold-pressed variety and I'm looking forward to seeing what these pages will create.

SIGHT | While I'm not plant-based, I do enjoy watching and following some plant-based foodie accounts. Good Eatings on YouTube is such a visual feast for the eyes! I love the way Malin and her husband Rob film and showcase their culinary and vlog videos. Plus the slow jazz music they add as an auditory backdrop really brings such a cosy vibe. So excited for spring and sunnier weather so I can't wait to plan picnics with my family.

TASTE | I enjoy baking and finding some go-to recipes when it comes to sweet treats like cupcakes. This buttercream recipe has been my go-to and it tastes so delicious. What I've been doing recently is dividing the recipe and adding colour to one batch and then piping a two-tone buttercream to cupcakes which looks very impressive yet it is so simple to achieve. The creamy colours the icing creates sparks colour palette ideas for my paintings.

SOUND | Spotify is probably one of my most used apps and I love exploring different songs, artists and playlists. I wouldn't consider myself a classical music person, but this particular song by Eydis Evensen is so ethereal and breathtaking. Moody and melodic, please go give Bylur a listen. It's a song I come back to when I feel like I need to calm my mind down.

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